Project Bonsai is an augmented reality weather vane.

 Developed as an iOS app using ARKit, Apple's AR platform, Bonsai integrates real time weather data from the Australian Bureau of Metrology and manifests this information into 3D AR animations.  

Project Chombo is an experimental iOS app that plays with the idea of location-based content, placing interactive AR experiences at specific geolocations in the real world. 

 Blurring the boundary between what is real and unreal, Chombo is an exciting playground for creators, developers and audiences to explore.

DropIt  lets you create messages in augmented reality and drop them at real world locations for other people to find. Soon to be released to the Apple App Store as an open beta. Get notified when it's available by signing up at

Project Evan explores context and meaning between real world objects and augmented reality content using Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning.

Project Evan is currently in development.

Voyant AR is reimagining the future of wearable technology in collaboration with emerging fashion design talent and fabricators in Western Australia. 

Vanilla AR is an iOS/Android app available for your next event or marketing campaign. 



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